Review of Chegg Book Rental Service
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Review of Chegg Book Rental Service

When you are looking to rent your text books, the online book rental company Chegg can save you time and money by letting you order your books from the convenience of your computer and get fast delivery for a reasonable price. Here is a quick overview of their service.

Selection: Chegg boasts a selection of millions of text books from a wide range of subject areas including Biology, Literature, Political Science and more and of course they are continually adding new titles to their huge selection.

Cost: Chegg offers text books for a rental rate that is around 60% less than the listed price. Which means you are only paying around $60 for a book that would cost you around $180 to buy.

Payment Methods: Paying for your text books with Chegg is simple. They accept any debit card with the Visa or MasterCard logo and most major credit cards including MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover Card.

Click here to see if Chegg is still running their 30-day free trial

Shipping and Returns: When you order your text books from Chegg, your order should be to you get your books in 4-7 business days. When you are ready to return your rented text books to Chegg, you can simply access a mailing label by logging into your online account and printing off a label for the books that you wish to return. And there is no need to worry about paying for shipping since the mailing labels provide pre-paid postage so you can pack the books and ship them off quickly and easily.

Keeping Your Books: If you decide later that you want to hold on to the book you have rented, you can easily purchase it for substantial savings and your rental can easily be converted for credit towards purchasing the book. You can also request an extension on the rental time by either 15 or 30 days to give you a chance to finish up any incomplete work at the end of the semester so you do not have to fill crushed for time.

What Else Should I Know?: Your text books are rentals, so they of course need to be cared for. Chegg will not accept returned books that have been damaged. All books should be returned to Chegg in the same condition in which you received them in. Your rental expires 125 days after you order for a semester rental, 85 days for a quarter rental, and 60 days for a summer rental. Chegg does charge late fees so it is important to return your books on time and if you can not, you can simply request an extension through your account online.

Another great reason to rent from Chegg is that for every book you rent, they plant a tree.  So not only to you save time and money, but you are helping to save the planet one book, and one tree at a time.

Chegg also offers you friendly customer service to help make your rental experience go smoothly and can easily answer any questions that you may have. For more information about the services offered by Chegg Book Rentals check out Chegg's website.

* For alternatives to Chegg, you might want to read this comparison with

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Comments (26)

ah cool! I used a book rental service last year and it was great. much cheaper and easier imho. and i love the fact that you're not wasting paper!

Chegg - 8/10 « Jayscore

[...] Factoidz goes over some other details about the textbook rental service.  They note that Chegg offers Biology, Literature, Political Science, and other subjects. The reviewer also notes that you can generally save about 60% by renting your textbooks online instead of buying them.  Finally the reviewer noted that books are promptly delivered within 4-7 days.  >>> [...]

Rent-a-textbook : CTLT Liaisons

[...] the experience and notable facets of the site, but someone on the site factoidz has already done a great job here. I picked Chegg because they had the best price for my textbook for the semester (around $35 for an [...]


Use chegg coupon code CC105203 to get 5 % off your entire order PLUS free shipping  !!!

Use the same code and get an extra $5.00 cash back when selling your old used textbooks to chegg !!!!!!!!!!


Oh, yes, of course! You get $10 off a two-hundred-dollar order, then they charge you $40 for a book you never received because their customer service is awful and they don't keep track of their own shipments and inventory!

Thanks very much, but I'd rather spend the money somewhere else.


Chegg is awsome, cheap books ! And you can sell your old books to them for cash !

Use this code : CC105203 and get 5% off your wholeeee order no minimum !!

Use the same code and get an extra $5.00 for your old used textbooks !!


I had great luck with Chegg. I saved $400 on textbooks as an incoming freshman! The books were in great shape, shipped fast and included the CDs. Save an extra 5% with promo code CC101071.


hey everyone now i know you see a lot of promo codes but use mines because i got a video to show you my compare prices on youtube. the code never expires so save 5% and get free shipping anytime. what do you got to lose. promo code CC109126


Get 5% off and save an additional 6% for a limited time for a total of 11% in savings! Plus $5 back when you sell your textbooks to Chegg! Use the code CC120011

the 11% is only for a limited time, it is 5% after that!


This is a very nice review! I have been putting together a review and overview of the Chegg system on Squidoo and it has been oming together quite well. It has been really fun researching such a solid company for a review and they have been getting positive feedback from all over the web. I would highly recommend Chegg to any of my friends and family.


I love using Chegg!! To save money on your order, use

Code: CC123047.

Put in the code when ordering and hit the "apply" button for the discount. Code also gives an additional $5 back when selling Chegg your used texts.

The code does not expire so use it every time you order!


I have used Chegg in the past and they have never dissapointed me. They send me brand new books that I've never had a problem returning. And they plant trees for the books that I rent from them, which to me is really awesome.

I'm proud to be a part of Chegg.

-Sponsored by Chegg. - offered me over $40 more for my books than my bookstore! - They also paid the shipping to get my books to them. - I used the promo code CC107879 and got an extra $5 back ! - Don't just rent your books from chegg, sell those books you have to chegg for top dollar !

Nicole D

I enjoyed using Chegg because it was frustrating to sell back my books to the school (and receive barely anything for them) or online selling sites, because it was rare that people purchased them. It was easy to just sell them back by the end of the semester and the shipping was free to do so. No hassle whatsoever for my experiences. They even tossed in some cute pens, slap bracelets and other freebies when I received my books, which I thought was a great extra! Plus they have coupon codes to save money, like CC117953 for $5 at checkout :) -Sponsored by Chegg-


You know what's cool? I went to check out the Chegg site for buybacks.

I had an older book I still had and wanted to see if I can get anything back for it. It turns out I could donate the book (meaning I can't get money for the book) but I was able to get back $5 just for using the coupon code CC124314 which I thought was awesome!

You can use the same code for 11% savings on text rentals.

john kilby

Textbook rentals are starting to catch on - the high cost of textbooks coupled with students' preference for a real book over digital have driven rental demand over the last year.

That demand has highlighted a few issues:

1) Shipping speed. It may shock you to learn that many college students don't plan ahead and buy their books well before they need them.

2) Selection. Popular textbooks have gone out of stock quickly at some textbook rental sites.

3) Terms. Some colleges offer 30 day classes, while textbook rental sites offer only four month or longer terms.

Several textbook rental sites have addressed all of these difficulties. the best I've found is National Book Rentals at Bigger selection, more shipping options (at a reasonable price), and shorter rental terms (at a lower price).


I had a terrible first experience w/ Chegg. The book I got was extremely worn even though it was marked as "Very Good." Some pages were going to fall off, the plastic on the cover was pealing, etc. I decided to return it shortly after and got back $10 less than what I paid due to shipping costs. It's ridiculous that I still lose money, when it was their fault for sending a book in the wrong condition.


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when you return your books to chegg. do u get most of your money back? cause i heard once you return them they send you money back but keep $3 per book or something.


No, you don't get a refund when you return the rental books to Chegg. You pay less upfront to rent, then ship them back for free, but you don't get any money back. If you bought your texts from somewhere else, you can sell them to Chegg since they also buy used texts. Use code CC123047 for an extra $5 back when you sell them to Chegg. The code will also give you a discount on renting.


No, you don't get a refund when you return the rental books to Chegg. You pay less upfront to rent, then ship them back for free, but you don't get any money back. If you bought your texts from somewhere else, you can sell them to Chegg since they also buy used texts. Use code CC123047 for an extra $5 back when you sell them to Chegg. The code will also give you a discount on renting.


Hey everyone, this is the best thing that I have ever donesince I started school .I've been spending monery buying books every semester and thern I am not able to resell them because they chasnge the edition. When one of my classmate told about chegg, I could not believe it .They are very real and they are reliable. Dont be afraid just try them and you will never go into a book store again. Keep up the good wook you are doing .

Grady Phillips

I want to return my text book A Child's World Infancy Through Adolescence

Thank You

Grady Phillips

Might have to check them out. I am always using for my rentals.

I placed an order for a textbook, "Economics Today", ISBN: 0132948907, order #MGUFXT51. I paid $29.99 + 5.99 shipping. This was to be a rental that I would receive on Monday 9/16/2013. It would be due back by December 20, 2013. In the mean time I was using a temporary eText issued by the Publisher which expires today, 9/20. When I did not receive the textbook I looked online to see what is taking so long only to find that the order was cancelled. I looked for an explanation and the only one I could find was that it could not be sent from their warehouse, but they still offer that book as a rental - only now it costs $88.99 to rent. In other words they decided to change the terms of their agreement. They want me to pay 3 times as much for a service I already agreed to at a lower price. They know that I am required to use a textbook, but unfortunately I can't afford it. Even if I could, that's close to the price of a used textbook to buy in the college bookstore. Now I am going to have a MUCH more difficult time getting through the semester. Sure, I can follow along in class, but I have no book to read. All because CHEGG.COM decided they wanted more money from me. Even if I find a textbook, that doesn't help me with the current exam situation. Now, in the mean time, they CLAIM that they refunded the purchase 11 days ago, but I still have not received that refund and I am unable to contact them about that or the issue of the book. (All of their contact forms are down) I will NEVER use Chegg again. Any company that employs that type of practice is way too risky to trust.

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