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Students have multiple options when it comes to help with academics. Technology has made it possible for education to expand from the classroom into online learning sites that can be accessed anywhere at any time. Collaboration is a driving force in online education and companies such as Koofers are taking advantage of the fact that students can learn from each other via class notes and flashcards, exchange information about classes, and rate their professors in a college-friendly online environment. Koofers offers free access upon site registration. Chegg, an online student hub, provides members with 24/7 access to professors and other community experts for help with homework questions. Membership fees are $6.95/month (billed annually) or $14.95/month. Course Hero is another player in the online educational space and they offer students access to over seven million crowd-sourced study materials and 24/7 access to online tutors. Premium access comes at a price - membership fees range from $7.95/month - $39.95/month. more
Buying books for college can be very expensive. You spend hundreds of dollars on a textbook for one or two semesters only to never use it again. Using a textbook rental service is a great way to save money. These three textbook rental services are will help you do just that. more
Chegg Consumer Q&A
I have ordered textbooks a few times from Chegg and the quality has always been excellent. I've never had any sort of problem with any of the used textbooks I've gotten. So in other words, I wouldn't worry at all about what kind of quality your book will be in. And I would buy used because it saves ... more
Yes, Chegg provide solutions manuals on Math, Biology, Engineering and other subjects. To click complete solution manuals category, click here. Solution manuals have varying prices per subject. Chegg does not really provide a blanket price for its solution manuals. If you are looking for specific s... more
Yes, Chegg carries University editions of textbooks. Chegg's vast collection of textbooks and etextbooks for sale and for rental contain enough information for any student wanting to rent or buy a book. Chegg provides information on book's edition, publisher, ISBN No., authors, book titles and other... more
Chegg Overview
Chegg is an online service whose goal is to improve college students overall academic performance. Chegg allows college students to rent or buy used and new textbooks, and sell back used textbooks for top dollar. In addition to textbook selling and buy-backs, Chegg also provides a variety of online, and offline services dedicated to save college students money, and improve academic performance. Chegg services include:  You can purchase or rent hard-copy and/or electronic textbooks. Renting or purchasing hard copy textbooks from Chegg is significantly less expense than college bookstore prices. Renting textbooks is the cheapest option, but there is a timeframe for retu... more
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